Expert-led prenatal and postnatal fitness
Expert-led prenatal and postnatal fitness

Expert-led prenatal and postnatal fitness

Never wonder if your workout is safe and appropriate for where you're at, ever again.

I'm here to guide you through your entire pregnancy and postpartum recovery, week by week, and make sure you're supported and staying strong every step of the way.

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Safe, quick, and effective workouts for busy moms

Plus information that you can't find anywhere else. Like what the heck is a diastasis? Why am I peeing when I sneeze? How can I prevent low back pain? We'll address these topics in your educational content videos as well as in each workout.

FREE VIDEO: How to Engage the Pelvic Floor

You think you know how to kegel, but do you really? There's a lot more to it than you might think!


FREE VIDEO: Full Body Strength #6

This full body workout from the second trimester program, is approachable for women in almost any stage of pregnancy and a great way to see if our method is a good fit for you!


C-Section Recovery Plan

How is recovering from C-section different from a vaginal birth? How do I keep the scar from inhibiting my progress, and reconnect to my lower abs?

Should I be laying on my back?

You've probably been warned not to lay on your back during pregnancy... unpacking this principle can assist you in modifying your workouts and daily life.

Prenatal Upper Body Strength #1

An upper body strength workout designed specifically for weeks 6, 8, 10, and 12 of your pregnancy.

Postpartum Week 3 Core

In week 3 of the Postpartum Recovery Program we begin working on deep core connection and bringing tension back to the core.

Take a quick tour of what's inside!

Her Move is easy to navigate and full of vital information for a healthier pregnancy and recovery. Here's your walkthrough!

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Weekly workout plans
Weekly workout plans

You'll never log on and wonder "What video should I do today?" There's a clear plan to follow, so your week of workouts is balanced and complete. The program is deigned to grow and change with you.

Do it on
Do it on "mom time"

Time is a luxury when you're a mom or just a busy lady in today's society - these workouts are carefully crafted to give you the maximum benefit in 30 minutes or less. Sometimes less is more!

Your questions answered
Your questions answered

There's so much fear and uncertainty around pre and post natal fitness. I'm here to make sure ALL your questions are answered and you feel safe and empowered with the choices in the program.

Talk to me!
Talk to me!

There's nothing I love more than chatting with expecting or new moms and hearing your unique history and concerns. I want to set you up for success, which is why when you subscribe you get a FREE consultation with me.

When was the last time you made time for YOU?

As a mom, a mom to be, a woman, you know how it feels to take care of everyone else. I invite you to take some time to take care of yourself. Are you ready to make your move?

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Both plans include:

34 week Prenatal Program

10 week Postpartum Program

Over 25 educational videos on the pelvic floor, diastasis recti, C-section recovery and more

Interviews with women's health experts

A complimentary consultation with Julia and constant support